4R Patient Communication Initiative

Detailed Care Sequence Plans Help Patients and Families Know What to Expect

4R Oncology® is a patient-centered care approach that emphasizes providing patients with a care sequence plan at diagnosis.  This care sequence plan uses project management principles to guide the patient and care team throughout the cancer care continuum. The 4R Care Sequence® provides a patient with the information they need to manage, sequence, and schedule critical tasks with the support of an informed oncology team. The 4R care sequence plan also helps patients and families more fully understand their treatment and what to expect at each stage in the care continuum.

4R Oncology® is a methodology developed by Christine Weldon, MBA, and Julia Trosman, PhD of the Center for Business Models in Healthcare (CBMHC) and clinicians at Northwestern University. CBMHC is implementing this approach to care at several Chicago area healthcare institutions with support from the Coleman Foundation.

4R grants were provided to the following health care institutions:



Develop a common set of tools to screen for distress throughout the cancer journey


Develop a comprehensive list of services based on screenings to help patients and their families access support


Educate providers, patients, and payers about benefits of psychosocial screening and service provision.


Share findings and tools, and disseminate project results.

Each Year in the United States

new cases of cancer diagnosed

Cancer deaths

will survive five years or more after diagnosis

Chicago Area Community Service Providers
for patients with cancer and families.