Collaboration Facilitators

Coleman Cancer Program

Rosa Berardi– Foundation Program Officer

Rosa is a program officer with the Coleman Foundation where she designs and guides funding initiatives intended to improve access to care and service delivery for cancer patients. Rosa monitors grants to all sites participating in the Adult SOC, the Pediatric SOC and Coleman Primary Palliative Medicine Training Programs. She overseas project core, project coordination, and communications. In addition, she consults with funders seeking to make an impact in cancer care and supportive oncology care.

Jennifer Amdur Spitz – Communication Strategy

Jennifer partners with foundations and collaborative initiatives to design and implement communications strategies that drive transformative change. She is principal of Amdur Spitz & Associates and works with the Adult and Pediatric Supportive Oncology Collaboratives to build the movement to expand supportive services, amplify the impact of SOC partners’ work, and spread SOC tools and resources.

Supportive Oncology Collaborative Facilitators

Christine Weldon – Adult and Pediatric SOC– Principal Investigator

Christine is a health services researcher and co-director of The Center for Business Models in Healthcare, which specializes in oncology care delivery research, quality improvement and innovative models of cancer care and precision oncology. Christine manages the adult supportive oncology collaborative and the pediatric supportive oncology collaborative. She facilitates supportive oncology tool and process research and design efforts, as well as supportive oncology quality improvement across participating institutions.

Julia Trosman – Adult and Pediatric SOC Project Core Lead

Julia is a health services researcher and co-director at The Center for Business Models in Healthcare. Julia co-manages the adult and pediatric supportive oncology collaboratives with a specific focus on reimbursement, SOC research, analysis and dissemination.

Betty Roggenkamp – Adult and Pediatric SOC Project Core – Project Coordinator

Betty is an Independent Contributor to cancer care process improvements. She works with the Adult and Pediatric SOCs as an administrator, collecting data, scheduling meetings, preparing presentations and helping the collaborative run smoothly.

Coleman Palliative Medicine Training Program

Sean O’Mahony and Stacie K. Levine – Co-Directors

As co-directors, Sean and Stacie created the Coleman Palliative Medicine Training Program, which aims to train interdisciplinary health care providers to deliver quality, team based palliative care, lead and build palliative care programs at their respective hospitals, and acquire resilience to burnout. Sean and Stacie define the curriculum content and methods, plan bi-annual conferences, teach at conferences, assist faculty mentors, and support hospital leadership and administrators. They have delivered presentations nationally and internationally and written publications based on the work of the Coleman Palliative Medicine Training Program. Additionally, Sean leads the palliative care health outcomes and service utilization arm of the programming.

Sean is also Director, Section of Palliative Medicine at Rush University Medical Center where he focuses on palliative work force development, education and resiliency. He also works on data collection and participates in their analysis and dissemination of research findings.

Stacie is also Professor of Medicine and Chief, Section of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at University of Chicago Medicine.

Aliza R. Baron – Project Coordinator

Aliza assists with program management, curriculum administration, survey development, learner assessment, program evaluation, and preparing reports and publications. She manages the program website and communication within the training community and externally. Aliza is also the Education Coordinator, Section of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at University of Chicago. Contact Aliza Baron at