Article about CSOC in Cure: Institutional Collaboration Improves Cancer Care in Chicago

Mindy Waizer, Digital Managing Editor for CURE and Heal was intrigued by the Coleman Supportive Oncology Collaborative posters presented at the 2017 Palliative and Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium.  She wrote a wonderful article featuring collaborators:  Mary Pasquinelli (UI Health), Shelly Lo (Loyola Medicine) and Pam Khosla (Sinai Health System). Check out the article via this link.

Several collaborators participated in presenting posters at the conference. These include:

Dr. Pam Kholsa from Sinai Health System presented the poster titled,”Results Of Implementing A Novel Supportive Oncology Screening Tool for Comprehensive Evaluation of Distress and Other Supportive Care Needs.”

Dr. Jim Gerhart from Rush University Medical Center presented a poster titled, “Raising All Boats In Supportive Oncology: Initial Impact Of The Coleman Supportive Oncology Collaborative (CSOC).”

Dr. Shelly Lo presented a poster on behalf of Dr. Jennifer Reichek titled, ” Areas For Quality Improvement In Pediatric Supportive Oncology Services.”

Links to the posters on the Journal of Clinical Oncology Website can be found here.